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Research and reflexivity

Held 18 March 2021

Can psychotherapeutic practice and research go hand in hand? In this stimulating webinar, UKCP Chief Executive Dr Sarah Niblock and UKCP psychotherapist Dr Linda Finlay discuss ways in which practitioner-researchers can gather and analyse meaningful data to inform their and other practitioners' practice.

How to promote yourself

Held on 27 February 2020

UKCP psychotherapists Nicholas Rose and Richard Nicholls guide you through how to create a marketing plan which can help you raise awareness of your practice and attract potential clients.

The ABC 101 of Remote Working

Held on 16 November 2020

This webinar looked at what happens when a new client makes contact for online work.

It will cover what to do immediately, lawfully and safely, what measures need to be in place, what the contract should say, and how to communicate confidentially.

There will be an introduction to GDPR and the July 2020 changes within the EU DPA, including a look at what this means for practice. We will also look at why data must be protected in transit and what actions therapists need to take to protect data in transit, including email, text and platform use.

Time to Change: The role of psychotherapy in addressing systemic racism and racial trauma.

Held on 5 September 2020

The murder of George Floyd, and the worldwide protests against systemic racism, have again shone a light on the traumatic experiences of black people. This webinar explores how counselling and psychotherapy might address some of these challenges and what we can add to our understanding of the impacts of racism.

Research, diversity and difference in 21st century psychotherapeutic practice: The client voice in contemporary psychotherapeutic research.

Held on 30 July 2020

Many of the forerunners in the profession Freud, Klein, Beck, Rogers, Maslow, et al were informing their evidence base from their psychotherapy practice and research. Do their theories still fit in 2020 given the challenges and diversity of client/patient presentations and socio-economic challenges we now face?

This webinar will offer you two research examples and a space for starting dialogue around research and its importance for our profession.

Lock-down: Anxiety-up

Held on 18 July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and unprecedented lockdown restrictions have challenged our emotional and mental wellbeing. People have gone from apathy and disbelief at first, to alarm, anxiety and panic as the numbers affected rose then boredom and fears about the economic aftermath.

This discussion will explore what are we feeling right now about what has happened to us and whether there is fresh understanding to be found from thinking about this together.

How to look after yourself when you're looking after others

Held on 2 July 2020

How do you look after your own mental health in unsettled times? What happens if you don’t look after yourself when you’re looking after others? 

This webinar explores how we can set up a self-care regime that will nourish you from the inside out, no matter how challenged you may be by the external world.

The Virtually Impossible Profession: Psychotherapy after COVID

Held on 25 June 2020

For many psychotherapeutic practitioners, lockdown restrictions have dramatically changed their ways of working. This webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities for the future of psychotherapeutic practice and ask how we might re-evaluate psychotherapy as a profession.

Lockdown: Sexual and Domestic Violence

Held on 13 June 2020

For many affected by sexual and domestic violence, lockdown has exacerbated their situation.

This webinar will explore amending psychotherapy to online spaces in a collaborative manner to enhance safety and choice. It will outline a model of working with survivors from a relational and empowerment perspective, and include embodied responses to trauma.

COVID-19 and the financial impact on my therapy practice

Held on 23 May 2020

There are two crises going on – a health crisis and a financial one – and whilst it’s an anxious and upsetting time with the primary concern being the health of the nation, nevertheless many self-employed therapists have found their income has been severely affected.

Remote Working

Held on 14 May 2020

What do you need to consider when working remotely?

With restrictions on meeting people outside your household continuing what do we need to know with regards to working on-line?

This one hour webinar will look at all aspects relating to working remotely, from email security, data protection and consent to platforms for on-line working.

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May 14
14 May - 30 July 2020